According to Runt figures and Andemos calculations, last December 21,914 new vehicles were registered in Colombia, this is 13.4 percent less than during the same month of 2021 and the lowest figure in the last 12 years.

Despite this fact, 2022 closed with 262,595 new unitsan increase of 4.8 percent compared to the accumulated figure of 2021 when 250,497 expensive vehicles were registered in the country.

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By segments, the preference of consumers for utility-type vehicles stands out, which registered 9,110 new registrations during the last month, followed by automobiles with 7,164 and commercial cargo of less than 10.5 tons with 2,878 units.

In the accumulated of the year, the five brands with the highest number of registrations were: Renault (49,427)Chevrolet (41,079), Toyota (25,659), Suzuki (21,589) and Kia (19,066).

Electric and hybrid vehicles meet the great protagonists in 2022 totaling 27,845 registrations in the year, equivalent to an annual growth of 57.3 percent. from them, 22,142 were electric hybrids (HEV), 3,272 electric (BEV) and 2,430 plug-in hybrids (PHEV).

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Regarding premium brands, Mercedes Benz consolidates as segment leader in 2022 with 3,097 units, followed by BMW with 2,638 units and Audi with 1,421 units.

«The lower dynamics of the automotive market is due to the lower demand for domestic consumption by households, which has been falling in recent months. By 2023, according to the opinion survey of the automotive sector, businessmen estimate a market Delaware 241,762 units zero kilometers«said Oliverio García, president of Andemos.