One of the ‘headaches’ for parents at the beginning of the year is their children’s return to school, since they must invest part of their money in the school supplies that they will use during the school year.

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With inflation of 12.53%, in many homes there is concern about the possible increase in the prices of school materials, which would mean a higher expense than in 2022, when families invested between 400,000 and 600,000 pesos.

Although the compensation funds offer an educational subsidy to alleviate the expenses of their affiliates this season, it is also important to learn to make smart purchases and save money, so here are some tips to save on the purchase of school supplies.

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When buying your children’s school supplies, remember to compare prices and take advantage of promotions.

set a budget: With the supply list in hand, review the most important and necessary supplies for your child and have a budget. Organize the supplies of the most essential, the one you can wait for, in case the money does not reach you.

take inventory: There are materials that have a long useful life, check at home the school supplies that are still in good condition and your child can reuse such as notebooks, colors, suitcases, colors, pencils, among others. This not only benefits your money, but also the planet.

resort to barter: if you have friends or relatives with children in lower or more advanced grades, you can organize a school supply exchange, this will benefit everyone and give a new useful life to materials such as books, rules, colors and even uniforms.

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look for promotions: be attentive to the discounts and promotions that the chain stores carry out, yes, do not forget to compare prices.

Shop at thrift stores– There are plenty of second-hand items that are being sold in mint condition, so don’t be shy about checking out the options you can find at thrift stores.

buy wholesale: in the case of notebooks, folders and blogs, you can use wholesale prices in some stores and stationers. You can even get together with a relative or acquaintance and compare all the school supplies.

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