The workers’ centrals presented to the Ministry of Labor their proposal to elaborate the labour reform which is expected to settle in the coming months.

Among the requests of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT), the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and the Confederation of Colombian Workers (CTC) are that the fixed term contracts, that the paternity leave increase or that the night surcharges start from 6 in the afternoon.

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«Our proposals are aimed at reducing labor informality. All those who perform permanent functions in the private company or the public sector are required to have an employment contract or a legal relationship. In addition, that a decent work policy be built and return nocturnal surcharges from 6 p.m.,» said the President of the CUT, Francisco Maltés.

Specifically, they ask that indefinite hiring be the general rule and that the use of the fixed-term contract and for work or work be limited.

It also proposes that employment in the rural sector be formalized so that all farm workers have a decent and dignified job or that severance pay be paid in accordance with the previous regulations of Law 789 of 2002.

Likewise, Maltés assured that it is necessary to end the wage gaps in the private sector between men and women and that all platform workers have the right to health and social security.

These are some of the proposals put forward:

– Day and night work: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

– Guarantee of payment of daytime, nighttime, overtime, Sunday surcharges; after the agreed day and rest guarantee.

– Paternity leave: increase progressively, flexible parental leave.

– Flexible working hours: reconciliation of work life with personal and family life, right of workers with responsibilities of care and calamity.

– Compensation funds: the representatives of the beneficiary workers will be chosen by the trade unions.

– Guarantee of work free of violence and harassment in the world of work.

– Salary protection: ILO Convention 95, salary mobility.

– Inclusion and labor permanence of people with disabilities and medical incapacity.

– Application to the original article 160 of the Substantive Labor Code.

– Apprenticeship contract: employment contract with the guarantees of social security, salary and other legal and contractual obligations, right to collective bargaining.

– Severance pay: it must be paid in accordance with the previous regulations of Law 789 of 2002.