The Government extended for three more years the 35 percent tariff applied to the footwear importalthough it clarified that this measure, which will apply until December 31, 2025, does not apply to items from countries with which Colombia has current trade agreements.

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The pair of shoes that continue to be imported for an FOB value less than or equal to the thresholds established between 6 and 10 dollars (depending on the type of footwear or the tariff subheading), will pay the 35 percent tariff. In the case of imports of the upper (visible upper part of the footwear), the tariff established in the Decree will be applied when the declared FOB price is less than or equal to 5 dollars per gross kilo.

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The foregoing is contained in Decree 2632 of December 30, 2022, which extends the measures established in Decree 2279 of 2019.

According to the Government, the measure was taken to boost the industrialization process of the Colombian footwear sector and thus promote productivity and job creation.

The decree also mentions that the goods that leave for the national territory from a Special Customs Regime Zone, a Free Zone or an International Logistics Distribution Center, will be used the tariff at the time they are going to be introduced to the rest. of the national customs territory.

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Germán Umaña Mendoza, Say that this measure also seeks to promote productive chains that stimulate national production.

«This is a sector that in its vast majority, more than 90 percent, is made up of by micro, small and medium enterprises. In addition, it is a great generator of jobs for the country, reasons for which it is necessary to improve market conditions”, he said.

The extension of this measure, which was in force until December 31, 2022, was recommended by the Committee on Customs, Tariff and Foreign Trade Affairs (Triple A).