engineers, teachers, graphic designers, operators for various machinery, carpenters, health and social services, among others, are part of the long list of worker profiles that countries such as Canada, Germany and the United States are demanding, for which the Compensation Fund Familiar Compensar will send more than 250 applications for the vacancies offered by the Quebec Government, from next January 24, in the «Quebec Colombia 2023 Conference».

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During the sessions, applicants will be able to apply free of charge for job offers in the province of Quebec and, if selected, they will have all the necessary support in their immigration process from the company.

As a Compensation Fund, Compensar has a Agency for Employment and Business Development, through which they accompany unemployed Colombians so that they can find a job according to their profile, additionally, through the Transnational Employment Agency, it is the only Fund that currently has authorization to refer candidates to job vacancies abroad.

The reports of the MMinistry of Foreign Affairs indicate that in Canada there are at least 40,000 registered Colombian residents, and in Germany 8,000, which shows that there are great job opportunities in these destinations.

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“It is important to mention that to apply for these offers there are basic requirements, which vary according to each vacancy, such as command of the French and/or English languages, have technical or professional studies, 1 to 3 or 3 to 5 years of experience and being of legal age” highlighted Karen Garzón, employment and training coordinator of the Compensar employment and business development agency.

The job options that will be announced during the conference will be focused on different productive sectors such as engineering, teaching, graphic design, operators for various machinery, carpentry, health and social services, among others.

Karen Garzón highlights that «this is the moment for many Colombians to make their dreams come true and find a job tailored to their needs, with great benefits for them and their families in terms of health, education and quality of life, which goes from hand with the purpose of Compensating to ensure the well-being of its affiliates”.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by November 2022, the registration with consulates exceeded 1.2 million living abroad; of which, 70 percent are between the ages of 20 and 60, which contrasts correctly with the labor policies from various countries, where the maximum working age is between 63 and 65, which means that job opportunities for Colombian migrants are quite high.