Shakira passed the Christmas with her children, Sasha and Milan, but now she is between a rock and a hard place, after packing her bags for her trip to Miami, United States, where you will reside

The determination to leave with her children took her a long time ago and she should realize in the first days of January 2023 that it is starting, but there are two serious problems that would prevent her from doing so.

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The separation with the former soccer player Gerard Piqué It was announced last June, but since then the news about the lives of both have not stopped.

This time the center is the Colombian singer, who, apparently, could not go to Miami until June 22, 2023, according to the Spanish media.

«We have a last hour, Shakira is facing a catastrophic change of plans,» said one of the reporters of ‘Socialité’, a Telecinco program.

The person in charge of disclosing the information is the journalist laura fawho affirmed that there are two inconveniences that Shakira has to leave and for which she would postpone the trip.

“Today it is impossible for Shakira to go to Miami as planned. The singer is going to stay in Barcelona due to the delicate state of health of her father,» said the communicator.

«Shakira is in Barcelona trying to locate a medical plane, but at the moment she has not found a plane with these characteristics,» he said.

«What was agreed in the agreement is that he had a certain day to leave, but the current state of his father’s health has meant that this can be modified. If he does not get the plane, he will have to wait until the end of the course,» added.

Second drawback

But that would not be the only problem. In the same program it is warned that Shakira could leave because of her children.

It would have to wait until June 22, 2023, since Sasha and Milan School ends on that date.

“Shakira has to continue living in Barcelona. Piqué has nothing to do with this matter, but it was agreed that the change of residence should not harm the academic performance of the children,» she concluded.
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