Luke Abrahams’ family continues to await concise answers from medical authorities. They want to know why their son, a soccer player, was not given a correct diagnosis, preventing him from ending up dead without receiving proper treatment.

Abrahams, 20, was part of the Blisworth FC and Hunsbury Hawks FC teams in England. He suddenly stopped his training due to a severe sore throat. At first, he thought it was tonsillitis, so his trusted doctor prescribed antibiotics.

I can’t take this pain anymore

After a few days, his condition did not improve: he developed leg cramps for which the doctor prescribed a painkiller to deal with the discomfort that did not even allow him to sleep.

«I can’t take this pain anymore, it hurts a lot,» said the boy, according to his mother Julie Needham’s recollection for the local newspaper. northampton.

Frightened by how his health was failing and he could not even get out of bed, the family constantly contacted the doctor and the emergency services. They clamored to transfer him to a hospital, but, as they have denounced, the health authorities only attended to them by phone and video call.

«It’s a kind of catalog of errors because they could have done their job well the first day, seeing it face to face, none of this over the phone,» said his father Richard Abrahams for the local media ITV.

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What did the young football promise die of?

Why was his leg removed?

Within a week of his family’s struggle to have a doctor see him in person, an ambulance is sent to them. They admitted him to the emergency room and, hours later, he informed his parents that he had a bacterial infection spread throughout his body, for which he could undergo surgery.

“They amputated his leg, but they said he was too far gone. No one has explained why they decided to amputate his leg. (…) If they knew he was going to die, why did they take his leg?”, Julie Needham wondered.

Abrahams, a railway engineer by profession, died during surgery. Since then, his family has been searching for answers: “We just can’t believe he’s not here anymore. We keep thinking that he went out with his friends and that he will be home any minute.”

According to the autopsy results, had Lemierre’s syndrome, «a rare complication of bacterial tonsillitis» which causes the death of «young and healthy» patients, as explained by the United States National Library of Medicine.

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also had a necrotizing fasciitis, a «rare, rapidly spreading» bacterial infection popularly known as flesh-eating bacteria. To prevent it from causing death, an «accurate diagnosis, prompt treatment with antibiotics, and prompt surgery» are necessary, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say.

The National Health Service of England (NHS, for its acronym in English) expressed its condolences to the family. Through a statement to local media, ensure that all your «thoughts are with them in these difficult times.»

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«All providers are reviewing the care and treatment provided in this case and until their reviews are complete, it would not be appropriate to comment further,» they concluded.

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