Fear Street – Image: Chernin Entertainment

After the great success of his fear street trilogy in 2021, Netflix has reportedly given the green light for more of the same franchise to go into production in 2023. Based on the long-running book series by RL Stine, fear street 4 should grace our screens, but Netflix has yet to officially confirm the project.

In the summer of 2021, Netflix launched three fear street tickets over the course of three weeks. All were directed by Leigh Janiak and told the story of teenagers working to break a curse inflicted on their town for hundreds of years.

fear street 4 would be the first entry in the franchise to be completely produced by Netflix, as the first trilogy was originally filmed with the intention of distributing 20 Century Studios. Then, months after production wrapped on all three movies, Netflix picked up the distribution rights.

Perhaps not entirely by coincidence, the company behind fear streetChernin Entertainment ended its deal with 20th Century and instead made a first-look deal with Netflix.

Here’s Everything We Know About Netflix fear street 4:

Fear Street 4 timeline so far

As noted above, Netflix has yet to officially confirm the existence of a fourth entry, so let’s dig into the timeline of what’s been said so far.

Following the release of the Fear Street Trilogy, director Leigh Janiak spoke about the future to ComicBook.com, suggesting, «I’d really like to explore Milk Man, the ’50s slasher that looks a bit like Night of the Hunter.» ”, adding: “That, to me, would be something fun and cool. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an actual slasher movie from the ’50s, so I’d definitely be very interested in that.»

Then, in July 2022, fucking disgusting confirmed a report from Y! that other movie entries were in «deep development».

Finally, in December 2022Jeff Sneider at Above the Line informed the director about the addition of a new director, adding that they have «exclusively learned that Okuno has closed a deal to direct the next entry in the streamer’s Fear Street franchise.»

Okuno refers to the renowned director of horror films. Chloe Okunowho led projects like Watchman, V/H/S/94, Let the right one in, and more.

chloe okuno headshot

Director Chloe Okuno

what’s on netflix asked for a comment on fear street 4 in 2022, but Netflix did not respond.

What is the plot of fear street 4?

fear street trilogy netflix

Almost nothing is currently known about the next chapter in Netflix’s Fear Street franchise, other than the fact that it will be inspired by RL Stine’s long-running book series.

The original movie trilogy did not adapt any particular book or story.

Instead, he took various things from various books and made his own story out of them. If we go by the originals, the next chapter is likely to follow the same course, so it would be pretty pointless trying to guess which books they’ll adapt.

who is cast in fear street 4?

The cast of Netflix fear street 4 is currently unknown. We wouldn’t expect much, if any, retaliation from the cast of the original trilogy. After all, this is likely to be a new chapter in the franchise.

What is the production status of fear street 4?

from netflix fear street 4 is currently in pre-production, as far as we know.

According to some production sources, filming is planned to start in early 2023, but since we don’t even know if the project has been fully greenlit, we don’t know the exact dates yet.

What is the Netflix release date? fear street 4?

Netflix has not announced a release date for fear street 4but considering its early stage of development and how long filming typically takes, we’d probably expect it to premiere on the streamer sometime in 2024.