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«Actually we had a nice experience, we were able to treat diseases that are not seen in Cuba. You study them or read them in a book but you don’t see them in practice, for that part it was nice. But there was also intense fear, for example of AIDS».

Cuban Marisol Díaz Rodríguez spent two years (2006-2008) in Zimbabwe as part of a medical brigade sent by the Cuban government to the African country.

«We were younger and we did it partly as an adventure. In Cuba there is no way to go anywhere, and we wanted to go out and see,» Marisol tells BBC Mundo, recalling the operation in which she was part with her husband. , one of the multiple internationalist missions -as they are known on the island- that Cuba launched in countries of Latin America, Asia and, especially, in Africa.

The most recent is the one that will be deployed in a few days in Sierra Leone to face the Ebola epidemic that has claimed more than 2,600 lives and caused almost 5,000 people, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization, WHO.