the colombian president gustavo petropossessed the new sports minister, Astrid Rodriguez, this Tuesday at the Casa de Nariño.

Petro appointed Rodríguez to replace Maria Isabel Urrutiawho was declared insubsistent in the last hours.

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Rodríguez has a degree in physical education from the National Pedagogical University, an entity where she also worked for 14 years.

The new Mindeporte has a master’s degree in and a doctorate in social studies and was part of the team in charge of formulating public policies for physical education and sport in the period 2010-2019, a moment in which she approaches politics in the Ministry of Education.

The mission

Petro indicates to the new Minister the objectives that she will have to meet under the direction of the portfolio.

Homework. «We are going to see this chapter of the Ministry, it can be prosecuted that this right to physical activity, we should move forward so that the entire population does physical activity, without it, health deteriorates.»

Physical activity. «The activity has to do with that determinant of health, as ordered by the constitution. We want to prioritize school, childhood and youth, an issue that has not advanced in these six months.»

get back on the road «Physical activity should never be lost, they suspended it to save money. This combined with a bad edition of society. Sport and talents are born from physical education, Olympic sport and competitive, professional sport arise.»

The mission. «Our role as states has to do with the development of physical education. That is why the Minister is a professional in physical education, that is why she accompanies us in the National Government.»


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