Colombia is a country of women entrepreneurs and this is revealed by the figures of the Single Business and Social Registry (Rues), which consolidates information from the 57 chambers of commerce in the country. There it is detailed that 62.5 percent of the companies of natural persons created during 2022, which increased to 143,466 productive unitsThey are initiatives led by them.

In addition, these companies stand out because they are created with the mission of involving women as employees. The figures reveal that during its first year of constitution They generated more than 92,000 jobs in sectors that mark the economic development of the country.

The largest number of these companies is in the wholesale and retail trade sectors, being 45 percent of the total; in second place are lodging and food services, with 20.5 percent; and in third place are the companies manufacturing industries, with a 9.1 percent participation in the total.

According to Julián Domínguez, president of Confecámaras, these figures are great news for the country and business development. «The efforts that Colombia has made in recent years in terms of public policy and public-private articulation to support women entrepreneurs have yielded results,» said the manager.

Likewise, she highlighted that there are support programs from the chambers of commerce aimed at strengthening the business activity of women, «which reach all corners of the country and have allowed these companies to expand their markets, improve their managerial skills and move their cash registers».

In the case of cities, the greatest dynamic in the creation of women’s businesses is in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cúcuta, Cartagena, Soacha, Ibagué and Bucaramanga.

Regarding the participation of women in the labor market of companies, the figures highlight that of the total of 310,731 companies created in 2022, 20 percent have at least one woman in their staffand furthermore, 6.3 percent have at least one woman occupying managerial positions.

Regarding the creation of companies according to their size, 29.6 percent of large companies employed at least one woman. In the case of micro, small and medium-sized companies, the proportion is 20, 19.9 and 18.8 percent, respectively.

Regarding the programs of the country’s chambers of commerce that accompany women in the consolidation of their companies with advice, training, business promotion, digital transformation and access to markets, among other topics, it is highlighted that during the past year the chambers offered 23 programs designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs.

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