WASHINGTON – The White House Attorney’s Office said it is reviewing recent requests from a Republican committee chair related to President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents and said it plans to cooperate to some extent.

In a letter sent to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, and obtained by NBC News, White House counsel Stuart F. Delery said that since Biden’s personal attorneys found government records at the Penn Biden Center, the White House has «fully cooperated» with the National Archives and the Department of Justice to ensure that documents with classified marks were turned over to the proper authorities.

“We are reviewing your recent letters with the goal of trying to accommodate legitimate oversight interests within the Committee’s jurisdiction while respecting the separation of powers and the constitutional and statutory obligations of the Executive Branch in general and the House. Blanca in particular,» Delery wrote.

However, Delery suggested there will be a limit to what the White House is willing to share with Congress. «As I’m sure you are aware, these considerations include the critical need to protect the integrity and independence of police investigations,» she said.

“The Biden Administration takes the security and protection of government records, particularly classified information, seriously,” the letter stated. «We look forward to engaging in good faith with you and your staff regarding your requests. To that end, White House staff will be reaching out to Committee staff to schedule a time to discuss this matter.»

Delery acknowledged that the FBI conducted a «comprehensive and consensual search» of Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday after the president’s lawyers offered to allow access to his home. She also said the White House has «continued to fully cooperate with the Department of Justice» after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur as special counsel to investigate classified material found at Biden’s home and a Washington office that he used.

Delery’s letter came in response to letters Comer sent this month requesting records and information about the documents. Eating, for example required that the White House provide documents recovered from Biden’s personal office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC, a list of everyone who had access to them, and other information before Tuesday. he asked in a follow up letter for all documents and communications related to searches of Biden’s homes and other locations and a log of visitors to Biden’s home in Wilmington since he took office on January 30 (the White House has said no such logs exist of visitors).

Eat also sent a letter on Monday asking Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle for all internal documents, communications and information kept for Biden’s Delaware home.

In a statement Monday night, a Secret Service spokesperson addressed the status of Comer’s application.

“The Secret Service received the committee’s letter today and we are reviewing it. We generate law enforcement and criminal justice information in regards to individuals attempting to access protected sites,» the spokesperson said. «We are currently reviewing the request from Congress and will ensure that we respond to the president and that our review is in accordance with any record retention, disclosure, or handling rules that may apply.»

The Secret Service has said it does not keep records of the residence, although it does run basic «name checks» on visitors at the time of their screening for access to a protected location.

As a result of Friday’s search, six additional items, including documents with classified marks, were found at Biden’s Delaware home, Bob Bauer, the president’s personal attorney, said Saturday.

The documents in the Wilmington home appeared to relate to Biden’s time as vice president, Bauer said, as well as his Senate tenure, and were found after Biden’s attorney offered full access to the facility.

The Comer investigation is one of two major House Republican investigations into the Biden documents. Led by Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio, the House Judiciary Committee is also looking into the matter.

Kelly O’Donnell Y zoe richards contributed.