Image: Lionsgate Television / Netflix

orange is the new black is one of Netflix’s longest-running and most decorated Netflix Originals. Still, according to a report we published earlier this year, it may not be on Netflix forever. This is why.

Created by Jenji Kohan, the prison comedy-drama series garnered a host of awards during its six years for Netflix, producing 91 episodes in total.

Our research suggests that orange is the new black it may leave Netflix as early as July 26, 2029.

At press time, that means you’ve got six years to gobble up the show, so there’s no rush.

Why 2029? Well, that date falls directly ten years after the seventh and final season hit Netflix in 2019.

While that 2029 is currently the removal date today, it may not always be. As we’ve seen with Lilyhammer (which was dropped in 2022), Netflix managed to strike a new deal to keep the show airing. However, it has chosen to let go of dozens of other Netflix Originals.

Its elimination date could also be brought forward with a new season or the rumored “potential sequel.

Netflix, it’s worth noting, did not provide any comment for our report.

Why orange is the new black I could leave Netflix

It all comes down to ownership and how Netflix chooses some of its shows.

As we explained in our big post in early January 2023, a number of shows, particularly from the very beginning of Netflix’s streaming foray, have been acquired for a fixed period of time. That means that, just like licensed content, Netflix owns the exclusive rights to a show for a fixed period of time after the final season is added.

In the case of orange is the new black, the ultimate owner of the show is Lionsgate Television. That studio has produced numerous shows for Netflix, including dear white people, I sell the OCY The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale.

Lionsgate repeated that they intend to mine the show for quite some time in a 2018 interview with then-President of Lionsgate TV Group Kevin Beggs, who said: «Keep in mind that we own that series and will distribute it for years to come. «.

This fact has been on display this year with Lionsgate Television announcing on January 3 that they intend to release a boxed «Orange Is the New Black Complete Series Collection» in late February 2023 that will be exclusive to Walmart in the United States. .

Orange is the new release of the Lionsgate black season boxset

Before I wrap up, Jenji Kohan (who works with Netflix under an umbrella agreement) has a major new project at Netflix, which started filming in early 2023. We mean The Decameron, Directed by Kathleen Jordan (Kohan serves as executive producer) it is a historical drama set during the Black Death.