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Now almost two years after Netflix first launched its store, the eCommerce store has hundreds of products and now ships to dozens of countries around the world. At the end of 2022, they released several mystery packs for a limited time, but were they worth it?

For a limited time in November 2022, Netflix has several mystery packs available for sale. The premise of the boxes is that if you paid $50, you would be guaranteed $100 worth of Netflix freebies when the box arrives at your door.

On November 20, we ordered a $50 box, a $100 box, and the $250 big box. That promised us $820 in value when all was said and done. Quids in!

mystery pack netflix store

Netflix Mystery Box Promo

Weeks passed, and most importantly, the festive period passed, and the boxes still had not been shipped. Netflix Shop support responded to a support ticket that «there is a delay in the delivery of these items to our fulfillment center.»

Weeks later, Netflix refunded the smaller box, and support told me it was «due to a shipping hazard.»

After almost two months of waiting, a magical email has arrived!

The journey of the mystery box

After that cumbersome wait, the remaining two mystery boxes finally shipped on January 17, and it was an incredible journey to get to my doorstep here in Norfolk, UK.

The box started at the Cincinnati Hub in Ohio in the United States of America (presumably this is where Netflix’s warehouse for their products is). It was then moved west to Ontario, Canada, where it was processed again.

After its brief stop in Ontario, CA, the box moved to Los Angeles, California to begin its international journey. From there, he took an overnight flight to Leipzig in Germany.

Then it finally made its way to the UK, flew into the center of the East Midlands where it was driven to the Cambridge depot and then on the 23rd of January it arrived at my doorstep.

Wearing MapDevelopersWe estimated the distance this box traveled over the course of six days to be about 8,453 miles, not including the distance from the Netflix warehouse to the first hub.

That’s a huge carbon footprint for some Netflix products!

What’s in the Netflix mystery box?

With the box now on my doorstep, what did we get, and more importantly, was it worth the money? The pack value of the boxes was supposed to be $720, did we get that much?

Let’s break down what we received (both boxes arrived in one shipment):

netflix shop mystery pack

Netflix Shop Mystery Box Medium + Large

In conclusion? Was the tour worth it?

Given the wait time, the ridiculous distance the box had to ship to me, and a few items (sharply put) not to my liking, it would be hard to say I’ll ever buy a Mystery Box again.

What do you think? Did I get my money’s worth or did they see me coming? Let me know in the comments below.