Given the withdrawal of the integration of Avianca with Viva Air, due to the strong conditions imposed by the Civil Aeronautics (Aerocivil) to give its final approval of the operation, the workers of that last company made a series of requests to the Government, which We allow them to improve their employment situation.

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Carlos Roncancio, representative of the Viva Air workers, said that it is urgent for the Government to take all the necessary steps to safeguard the safety of these people with entities such as Aerocivil, the Ministry of Labor and the Ombudsman, so that, despite there is an appeal already resolved, those resolutions that with which the appeal and reinstatement were resolved can be annulled and a much more detailed analysis is made that represents the recovery of that source of employment. and in this way avoid the loss of those jobs.

Second, that the right to health of these workers is also protected, especially those women who are pregnant, those with pending medical treatment, and who continue to pay the contribution and can protect themselves and their families against inconsistencies that can be pre-established, but also, in the face of the benefits that they demand.

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Another of the workers’ requests is that through other companies in the sector, including Satena, people who will be unemployed can be linked products of non-completion of the integration process.

«Sick people will be very difficult to hire,» Roncancio specified, for which he suggested that the government be the one to hire them, so that they can recover their working capacity in complex times like the present.

But they are also suing that they be paid a basic income that allows these unemployed people to meet the basic needs of their homes. This would be while they can find their jobs again, «it is a proposal that will have to be studied with the workers, the government and the unions, but what I would like is for it to be a minimum wage,» the spokesperson insisted.

The Legal Adviser of the Colombian Airline Workers also called on the country’s businessmen to open the doors of their companies to these people so that they can cope with their current difficulties. «We need not only the solidarity of the country’s companies in the face of these available and capable personnel, but also of the authorities to get ahead of this social crisis that hundreds of Colombians are facing,” insisted Roncancio.

The leader also acknowledged the Avianca board of directors, who announced that they are willing to hire part of these laid-off personnel, but noted that the Government must also guarantee the growth of these companies so that at times like the present they can attend to the needs of the country’s labor market.

Finally, he said that the Aerocivil statement leaves more questions than clarity. In his opinion, this authority is not very interesting to the workers and he believes that because new companies will arrive in the country with it, these jobs will be guaranteed.

«These companies arrive with their own very precarious models (in labor matters) and labor relations and with union organizations are not mature. nor allow to have harmonious relations of mutual growth but rather to save the greatest number of costs, including those that are worrisome to the wages of the workers”, the spokesperson pointed out.