toasted joins the ‘discount war’ of supermarket chains such as Ara, Éxito and Olímpica and also says that it discounts more than 70 references in all its stores.

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«Since February a recomposition of the portfolio began, which showed a drop in the price of more than 70 references”, says the company.

All of this says that it has done so in order to relieve the pockets of its customers and democratize the consumption of its products.

Therefore, he says that the Tinto Tostao’ has a value of 1,500 pesosthe coffee with milk for 1,900 pesos, the Tostao’ baguette is 2,500 pesos, the soft bread for 5 units at 2,000 pesos and the butter croissant at 1,900 pesos, among others.

Today Tostao has more than 450 stores and presence in 16 departments of the country, with the purpose of becoming the favorite craving of Colombians, thanks to a varied offer of products of the best quality and low prices.

International fast food chain Burger King says it hopes to keep its products affordable

Burger King will also have offers on its menu

international fast food chain king of burgers He says that he hopes to keep his products at affordable and competitive prices so that more people can have access to protein consumption.

«Decided to expand access to fast food to more Colombians and thinking about their pocket, we are working on designing a product offer at prices that have not been seen on the menu for years,» the company said.

It is about the incorporation of a new line of barbecue-flavored foods, which include BBQ Burger hamburgers and will soon have new products, which individually will cost no more than 10,000 Colombian pesos, and in combo with potatoes or cassava and soda will not exceed 19,000 pesos. They are high quality products, made with 100% grilled beef and fresh ingredients.

In addition to this, it says that it will implement discount days such as «Tuesday of Kings», in which the time slot from 3 pm to 6 pm can be obtained for 2×1 on selected products.

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