• Several major launches designed to explore different corners of the Solar System are expected this year.

2023 will also be a year of space news. In the coming months, the launch of several important scientific missions Considerations for exploring different corners of the Solar System. I know will launch a probe to the moons of Jupiter. There will also be several launches focused on the study of enigmatic and distant asteroids. Lunar exploration plans will continue with the takeoff of several satellites Y some other technical test so that, one day, humanity can step on the Moon again to go further.

These will be the main space missions of 2023.

Europa travels to the moons of Jupiter

One of the great unknowns has to do with the future of the International Space Station. In recent months, Russia has announced (and reiterated) its intention to leave the international platform. It is not clear if this year there will be any progress in this regard since, as announced by Roscosmos, the Russians plan to say goodbye to the station definitively in 2024. China, for its part, plans to complete the assembly of your very own space station. In addition, it will shortly launch a space telescope that will be periodically attached to its facilities.

Private walks through space

For years there has been talk that the «space has been democratized» and that from now on anyone (who pays) can take an off-planet excursion. This year there are several private missions that are going in this line. In March, for example, the Polaris Dawn project launch which, for five days, will orbit the planet at a record height. The trip, led by the American company SpaceX, plans to achieve the first private spacewalk in history.