Ara stores started lower the prices of more than 200 of its products at all points nationwide, in order to provide relief to the finances of Colombian families that have been affected by the sustained rise in the price of food and the basic family basket.

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Abel Cárdenas / Archive EL TIEMPO

The price reduction was applied from Saturday May 13 on products of all categories such as eggs, rice, oil, beans, pasta, table chocolate, oatspowdered milk, household cleaning and personal cleaning.

This bag of products will have a 10 percent price reduction, on average, which can vary according to the selected products and reach up to 45 percent. In this way, a market that used to cost 200,000 pesos can now cost around 180,000 pesos, or even less.

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«We are attentive to the needs of Colombians, we understand and are aware of the reality of thousands of households in the country, so they could take action and at this critical moment contribute to the purpose of ensure the country’s food security. For this reason, the product portfolio was chosen to have the greatest possible relief in the basket of Colombian households”, stated Pedro Leandro, CEO of Jerónimo Martins Colombia.

He President Gustavo Petro also used this advertisement and invited more companies to join this initiative. «I thank Tiendas Ara for their commitment to reduce their prices,» she wrote on his Twitter account.

The lowest prices can be found not only in products owned by Ara Stores but also other brands.

«With this decision, Colombians will be able to access products that are made with the highest quality standards, even lower prices and for the most part produced locally, supporting the national economy”, added Pedro Leandro.