The Ministry of Mobility will hold the first auction of abandoned vehicles this year. In the patios of the entity, at present, there are around 400 cars, which have a cost between 45 and 300 million pesos.

Law 1730 of 2014 «authorizes the transit agency to declare the abandonment of the immobilized vehicle through an administrative act.» This auction will take place until March 10.

Law 1730 of 2014 gives rise to the auction of junk cars.


District Mobility Secretariat

The objective of the District Mobility Secretariat (SMD) is to “c«Contribute to the improvement of the environment». With the initiative, since 2018, more than 4,000 abandoned abandoned vehicles have been auctioned.

The reasons for these to be immobilized and auctioned is due to abandonment, caused more than a year ago, in addition to the time that is given to the owners to claim their vehicle from the publication of the listing in newspapers.

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If you want to see the lists published in newspapers with wide circulation, click here here.

«We remind all metallurgy and steel companies that We have this auction open until March 10, they can register through the page of our commercial intermediary: We also remind citizens to approach the District Mobility Secretariat to correct their faults and pick up their vehicles from the yards ”, Adriana Iza, Undersecretary of Citizen Services, said in a statement.

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How can companies participate?

Through SUPERBID, company specializing in industrial auctions, the Ministry of Mobility exposes the batch of vehicles that are in scrap quality.

To perform the initial registration it is necessary:
Enter the portal and click on «Registration».
Choose username and password (login).
Validate login, to make offers.
To finish the registration, read and accept the «Use procedure of the Superbid Colombia Portal», clicking on «CONFIRM», sending the photocopy of your ID and the RUT. 24 hours later you get the registration confirmation.

The person who produced must be enabled in each auction, accepting the terms and conditions. To do this you must:

enter the access and the password, return to the beginning and select the auction of your interest.
Click on ‘Enable’ and receive an email with the confirmation of your authorization request, with a link that will direct you to the Offer and Payment Conditions of the selected auction.
Read the contract provided by Superbid to participate in the auctions, mark the statement of acceptance of terms and click accept.

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