More than 12 days have passed since Viva Air announced the suspension of its air operations in the country and its users have not yet received an answer about what will happen to their flights.

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For his part, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aeronautics prepares a decision on a definitive union of these two airlines that they had already advanced the purchase of the financial interests of Viva Air, skipping some necessary processes in the integration procedures.

The Superintendency of Transportation also intervenes in the process, which exercises the role of entity in charge of control and surveillance in this process.

In the event that the join request receives a negative response, lThe airline Viva Air must enter a liquidation process.

On the other hand also It is known that Avianca presented a proposal last week where it guarantees that its integration with Viva Air does not represent the construction of a monopoly, nor does it put other companies in the industry at risk.

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​Sergio Paris, director of AeroCivil, explained that The union will be accepted if both Viva Air and Avianca meet the financial and operating conditions related to the ‘holding’ and free competition with the other airlines that operate in Colombia.

The concept issued by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) for the advance purchase of Viva Air rights, without prior authorization from the Civil Aeronautics.


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