The digital ID began to be implemented last year, therefore, whoever wants to voluntarily change the conventional ID to the digital one can do so with the duplicate process, which has a cost of $55,750.

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In accordance with the foregoing, the Registrar’s Office affirmed that with this new version of the identity document the adulteration or falsification of identity will not be possible.

besides, Those who have it can carry out procedures online. But not only that, since people can disable it onlinewhen it is injured or lost.

Likewise, those who wish to obtain the digital ID can activate it through the application Digital ID ColombiaWe explain the procedure, according to an instruction from the entity.

The digital ID offers the impossibility of falsification or adulteration.


Screenshot National Registry of Civil Status

– First of all, you must make sure that your mobile device has the latest operating system. That is, if you have an iPhone, it must be 12.0 and if, on the contrary, you have Android, it must be 9.0.

– In second place, you must download the application, read the information and click on “Next”to be directed to the terms and conditions of the application

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– Thirdly, you must indicate the email you gave when processing the digital ID, since by this means you will receive a message from Then, you have to wait for the message to arrive (which, it is possible, will end up in the spam folder).

– Fourthly, within the mail, You must click on the «Activate» option or, failing that, scan the QR code if you accessed from another mobile device.

– In fifth place, the application will do identity recognition. Therefore, it is necessary that, when doing so, you have the cell phone fixed at eye level, with the aim of joining the points until the circle is complete, as detailed by the Registrar’s Office.

– Sixthly, You must click on «Let’s start» so that you can create a six-digit password and thus be able to unlock the application every time you want to use it.

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– Seventh, only if you want, may authorize biometric authenticationthat is to say, by means of the fingerprint or with his face, in order that he can enter the application

Finally, it should be noted that, once you receive your physical ID in polycarbonate, You have 10 days to activate the digital version of the ID on your cell phone.

Know the step by step to obtain the digital ID

According to the information on the Registry page, people who wish to have the digital ID may pay the fee through the PSE system on the entity’s website or through authorized service operators. (SuperGiros, Effecty, Matrix Giros, Banco Popular and 4-72).

With the original proof of payment, they must go to any of the Registrar’s Offices authorized to take fingerprints, photos and signatures. This procedure It does not require appointment scheduling, since attention will be by order of.

Once the new document is issued and claimed, you must download the mobile application ‘Cédula Digital Colombia’ and execute the steps mentioned above.

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