As every year, we must take stock of what happened in the Colombian golf season. This 2022 presented important events, but the truth was somewhat unpleasant: here we will see why.

Holes in one: Valery Plata and Maria Jose Marin. The first modification, what a golf player longs for the most, her complete LPGA card, was obtained with quality and hierarchy. Majo, quite a success in amateur golf, she went on winning everywhere, in the end she was declared the best amateur in South America. What a future this sensational player has.

Valery Plata, Colombian golfer.

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Eagles: The PGA Tour card obtained by Nicolás Echavarría through the Korn Ferry Tour. The victory of the women’s team in the amateur South American Cup, Los Andes Cup (Majo Marín, María Hoyos, Ana Sofía Murcia, Cristina Ochoa and Cata Monroy).


Enrique Berardi. PGA tour

‘Birdies’: María José Uribe, Gold medal in the Bolivarian Games. The excellent performance of Sebastián Muñoz in the Presidents Cup. The South American Junior champions. The excellent year of Juan Alejandro Ángel, a senior who brings it to him.

Peers: the dignified international performance of our senior professional golfers, Jesús ‘Chucho’ Rivas and Jesús ‘Estrellita’ Amaya.

‘Bogeys’: the regular start of the 2022-23 season for our PGA Tour professionals, Sebastián Muñoz, Nicolás Echavarría and Camilo Villegas.

The ‘shank’ of the Colombian Golf Federation

‘Shank’: the Colombian Golf Federation’s rod was unbelievable and leaves them in a very bad light. We have to go back to 2021, when the president of Fedegolf summoned an ordinary assembly in which the members of the board of directors were appointed and other things were approved. Well, what a surprise: that assembly and everything that was done collapsed. The Ministry of Sports issued resolution 001733 in which it is expressed: «Whereby the ineffectiveness of the decisions adopted at the ordinary meeting of the assembly of affiliates of the Colombian Golf Federation is established, held on March 1, 2021”. Thus, Fedegolf was left without a president, without a board, without a legal representative.

However, the ‘president’ Camilo Sánchez challenged the ministry’s decision. The arguments were poor and the decision was upheld. Faced with failure, Sánchez backed down and withdrew the appeal.


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On February 4, 2022, the ministry, seeing this serious problem, issued resolution 000137, in which, in its sixth article, it says: «Taking into account that the Colombian Golf Federation is headless, it is necessary designate a Provisional Committee for the reconstitution of the Colombian Golf Federation”. In it, he created the committee so that a new assembly can be summoned.
Unbelievable, but true: the Federation did not exist for more than a year. It is not understood how in that period agreements and commitments were signed, when the president did not exist. Apparently, they subsequently legalized everything that had been done.

Given this disorder, the worst is coming: Colombian golf lost the State resources of 2021, 260 million, and 350 million of 2022. It is inadmissible that this can happen when there are immense needs for money. Who is responsible for it?

The other Fedegolf socket, believe it or not: at this point, it is not known in which club and in which city the most important tournament in the country will be played, the Colombian Open.

A successful year for the golf family and all of our readers.

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