The concessionaire Covimar recently reported that it expects to meet with the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) to analyze the situation of the Mulaló – Loboguerrero road corridor. The purpose of the meeting is to reach the necessary agreements to define a date for the reactivation of the project.

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Some of the points that Covimar expects to study are the loss of value of future terms for the execution of the project, the non-remuneration corresponding to toll collection rights in years eight and 13, counted from the signing of the contract, the increase in the costs of construction and operation of the project and the financial conditions of access and remuneration of current credit.

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The occurrence of an Environmental Force Majeure event paralyzed the work.

The Mulaló – Loboguerrero road corridor is a project that estimates the construction of 31.8 kilometers of completely new road, with five modern tunnels and 48 works such as bridges, pontoons, viaducts, which will improve the mobility of the people of Valle del Cauca.

In 2021, Covimar, the concessionaire in charge of the project, explained that the reason for the works to stop was “the occurrence of an Environmental Force Majeure event, and that the circumstances that gave rise to it substantially paralyzed the execution of the contractor, without it having been caused by any of the parties”.

Since then, the company has been putting its efforts so that the reactivation objectives of the project are met. According to reports, from the first quarter of 2022, the Concessionaire expressed to ANI its total willingness to reach the necessary agreements.

* Covimar is part of a conglomerate of companies to which EL TIEMPO belongs.

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