Although investment in housing has been reduced by 61.4 percent since March, according to Camacol, the home remodeling they have gained momentum and 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for decolorers.

Awareness towards sustainability and an appreciation for the beauty of nature are trends that come together with the search for comfort and harmony in the different spaces.

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Thinking about these new changes that take into account the country’s situation, Sodimac Corona presents the five most important trends of the year to transform spaces, from small details that meet the needs and pocket of consumers.

According to the company’s experts, these trends are designed to inspire consumers and will help them find the perfect balance between style, functionality, sustainability and modernity. budget.

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focus on nature

This trend seeks to bring elements of nature into homes, through the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and wicker. besides, indoor plants are expected to be protagonists in the remodeled spaces, with the incorporation of vertical gardens, terrariums and hanging plants to create a fresh and rejuvenating environment.

Earth colors

Warm and earthy colors will be the protagonists in the 2023 renovations. Tones such as terracotta, beige, olive green and brown will be used to generate that cozy atmosphere. These colors are combined with natural elements such as wood and stone to create a sense of balance and harmony with nature.

textured walls

Textured walls will be a key element in remodeling this year. The walls will be enriched with a wide variety of techniques, finishes and materials, ranging from the use of lime and cement, to the application of Natural coatings made from beach sand and resins, to create exclusive and distinctive textures.

rounded shapes

From furniture with smooth and curved lines, to arches at entrances and windows, rounded shapes are expected to add a soft and relaxing look to remodeled spaces. These shapes will be combined with earthy colors and natural materials to create a welcoming and attractive environment.

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furniture with wood

Due to its power to create warm and welcoming spaces, wood will continue to be a star material in the world of interior design in 2023. Furniture with wood is expected to be a prominent trend in remodeling, from dining tables and chairs, to cabinets and shelves.