At the end of the citizen participation table, within the framework of the meeting the Government Listens, which took place in Soacha, the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, stated that President Gustavo Petro announced the undergroundization of income to Bogotá, particularly through Soacha.

«It cannot continue to be a transit municipality, it has to be a place where there is development for the population and, therefore, it is necessary that we bury the income to Bogotá. We will also do it in the north and west of the capitalfor this
ANI is already advancing studies”, he said.

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In what has to do with the bogota subwayThe Minister of Transportation noted that the president has invited to examine the issue of the layout of the first line so that it allows having a station that reaches the Soacha area.

«It is also important to work on the tramway, which allows the municipality of Soacha to articulate with the Transmilenio, but also with the income from public transport to Bogotá. It is important to generate new possibilities of access and roads for this municipality,» he stressed.

On the other hand, he stated that the rates of the public transport service will be reviewed with the municipality and Bogotásince they are independent of the Transmilenio, it implies doing a whole review of them.

Minister Guillermo Reyes also assured that for the Soacha Cable They are going to be demanding progress, since a sum close to 4,000 million pesos has been determined to update the studies of what has been called the Cazucable.

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Online procedures for transit and transportation

Minister Reyes announced that next week the country will be informed that all the procedures, transport and transit procedures will be digitized.

«Let’s end the corruption and to put an end to everything that is done irregularly,» he stressed and at the same time explained that the measure will also prevent him from having to go to an office, wait days or pay processors.

It is worth noting that the measure will be progressive throughout the country. «We hope next week he will deliver the proposal to the president and socialize it so that it can be applied by the middle of the following week,» he said.

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