The service premium It is a job benefit that is given to employees as additional compensation for their work. In some countries, such as Colombia, The service premium is a legal right that is regulated by labor law.

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According to the official website of the ‘Ministry of Justice’, the premium for services is the payment made by the worker for the economic and social benefits obtained from the worker.

This benefit consists of one month’s salary for each year of work or proportional if you have worked less, which is paid in two installments during the year. The first in June and the second during the first 20 days of December.

The main purpose of the service premium is provide employees with additional financial compensation that allows them to cover expenses related to special events, such as vacations, studies, payment of debts or any other personal purpose.

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The service bonus has a special nature and is protected by regulations that seek to safeguard the rights of employees.

Service premium: can it be withheld or attached for debts?

According to him Article 344 of the ‘Substantive Labor Code’ (CST), as a general rule, social benefits are unseizablethat is to say, on them no precautionary measure can be decreed that retains their value to ensure the satisfaction of an obligation.

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In addition, the Labor Law in Colombia establishes that the premium for services is of a benefit nature and has a specific destination: provide employees with additional income for expenses related to their personal and family well-being. This legal protection aims to prevent workers from being deprived of this benefit and guarantee its proper use.

However, the ‘Update’ web portal indicates that article 344 of the ‘CST’ also provides that in the case of debts in favor of legally authorized savings and credit cooperatives or food obligations, A judge may decree an embargo or withholding on the worker’s service premium or layoffs without exceeding 50% of the value of the respective benefit.

How much is the premium that must be paid to workers?


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