The minimum wage had an increase of 16 percent for this 2023, reaching $1,160,000. In addition, the transportation aid increased by 20 percent, reaching $140,000, according to President Gustavo Petro in December 2022.

In a study carried out by and the consultancy Talent Advisor, they indicated qualities are the best paid jobs in Colombia between 2022-2023. There, highlight that professionals in Bogotá earn an average of $160,000 more than those who work in Medellín and close to a million more than employees on the Caribbean Coast, so they will have the same educational level.

After studying the salaries of different positions in small, medium and large companies in cities such as Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali, Medellín, Manizales, Pereira, Bucaramanga, among others, I found that professionals could earn almost double the salary of a technologist, according to EL TIEMPO.

Among the best paid are jobs in the financial sector.

Similarly, it was highlighted that, depending on the sector, a professional with a specialization and at least 3 years of experience can earn up to 150 percent more than someone with only a professional title.

It was concluded that, for jobs related to software development and technology, the salary can be between 4.96 percent and 8.6 percent higher than average.

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Regarding the average salary by sector, it was pointed out that, according to the median, The best salaries are in the financial area (with $11,546,000), followed by technology and telecommunications ($8,953,000), software developers ($7,130,000), hydrocarbons, energy and mining ($6,947,000), trade ($6,665,000), pharmaceutical chemist ($6′ 614,000) and manufacturing and industry (6’467,000).

Regarding the Health sector, EL TIEMPO indicated that in 2022 salaries grew by 14.25 percent compared to 2020 and 2021, with an average of $5,962,000.

Finally, the sectors with the lowest salary level would be agriculture and entertainment, with a payment 60 percent less than that of someone who works in the financial sector.

What do other studies say?

For its part, Legis Gestión Humana, «developed a digital tool, based on a salary study carried out on 635 companies in alliance with Human Factor Consulting, which dynamically presents key information for company managers, human resources and compensation directors, with the objective that they can analyze the salary increase for this 2023″, as explained in a press release shared with EL TIEMPO. The results they were not very different from those of

By 2023, five industries stood out, according to the salary compensation study of Legis Gestión Humana.

Regarding the data of the sectors that will increase their salary the most in 2022 and that are expected to continue increasing by 2023, five industries stood out, according to the salary compensation study of Legis Gestión Humana:

1. High technology: among which are positions such as Full Stack, back-end developer, mobile developer, Big Data engineers, software engineer, data security analyst. They get to earn from $4 million to $8 million for seniors. «The study indicates that at the end of 2022, the wage increase in this sector was 9.20 percent,» he said.

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2. Chemist and Pharmacist: the industry generates more than 24 thousand jobs and chains more than 50 sectors of the economy. Given that in the last 10 years the number of companies dedicated to this sector fell by 16%, it has noticed its relevance and wages increased by 7.90 percent.

3. Mass consumption: the industry in charge of producing products that are massively consumed in society, «showed a positive increase of 7.10 percent, which exceeded the 6.88 percent with which it had closed 2021,» he said.

4. Hydrocarbons, mining and gas: According to information, in Colombia hydrocarbons contribute 3.3 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and oil represents 40 percent of exports, so salaries are expected to grow by 6.88 percent.

5. Telecommunications: «The Digital Adoption Survey carried out by Movistar, where 1,405 SMEs from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela were interviewed, found that 89 percent of SMEs in Latin America would be available to make investments in telecommunications and digital transformation in the year 2023», they explained. Therefore, the growth of the sector translates into a salary increase of 6.51%.

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