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On New Year’s Day, Netflix in the United States received the first two seasons of New Amsterdam, which we first reported on in December 2022. Will new seasons be coming to Netflix though? The answer is yes, the next two seasons are coming in February, but only in the US. Other regions are set to miss the show.

Created by David Schulner, the medical drama series is a must-have on Netflix and stars Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, and Freema Agyeman. Its fifth and final season is currently airing on NBC, and is scheduled to ends on January 172023.

Netflix unexpectedly licensed the first two seasons of new amsterdam for release (together with The Mindy Project) on January 1, 2023; since then, he has dominated the top 10 every day.

The addition of seasons 1-2 now puts the United States on par with several other Netflix regions. For unogsNetflix now has the global distribution rights (with Netflix UK being a key exception) to new amsterdam.

More Seasons of New Amsterdam Coming to Netflix in February 2023

Originally, we didn’t expect new seasons of new amsterdam to come to Netflix.

When Netflix licensed shows from NBC Universal in recent years, they only picked up the first few seasons so hopefully you’ll move on to watch the newer seasons on Peacock. In fact, that was the case Chicago Medwhich was authorized for exactly one year.

Our information also indicates that Netflix will stream new amsterdam for several years, currently expiring in January 2025. It is also one of the few Universal Television shows available on the Netflix ad level.

So when are the new seasons of New Amsterdam coming to Netflix? The answer is soon.

A new notice is now displayed on new amsterdam which suggests that «new seasons» will arrive on February 1, 2023.

Netflix has since confirmed season 3 and season 4 will arrive on Netflix on February 1.

We’ll have a separate article for when Season 5 might hit Netflix in due course.

new seasons new amsterdam coming to netflix

Notice coming soon for New Amsterdam

Important note, if you are outside of the United States, this release date does not apply to you. Instead, most international Netflix regions are expected to lose new amsterdam in February 2023.

Are you waiting for more seasons of new amsterdam Is it coming to Netflix in February 2023? Let us know in the comments.