In the December season increase scams. In this case, supposed travel agencies and people who offer, through social networks, farms, houses or apartments, are deceiving people.

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In the services they offer are swimming pool, jacuzzis, cleaning service, among others. They also ask for money in advance and they flee to show certificates or evidence that the paperwork is in order.

One of the most common modalities in which these criminals take advantage of people is through internet advertisingt. Therefore, we bring you some recommendations if you are thinking of renting a property near Bogotá:

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1. Make sure that the tourist service provider is registered in the current National Tourism Registry.

2. Do not forget that all advertising or information on tourist services must specify accommodation class, rates, complementary services and what is not included.

3. Be wary of low prices.

4. Request thea legal certification of ownership and the identity card of the person who is offering you the property.

5. Do not deposit or transfer money if you are not completely sure.

6. Search for the property in the recognized rental portals and contact the landlords there, and check the comments.

7. Call the reception of the complex where they tell you the house is located and ask for the owners.

8. Search social networks for the person or agency that is offering you the services.

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What to do if you get scammed?

In case of being scammed or noticing a breach in the services offered by tourist providers, you can file an administrative complaint through the institutional channels or email:

Likewise, it may also demand in the exercise of the consumer protection action for the attention of their particular claims when the process of the direct request to the tourist service provider has been exhausted, with the full requirements of law, through the website in the ‘services’ part, clicking on ‘Demand here-jurisdictional consumer protection’.