The RUT is a highly requested document in Colombia when it comes to procedures before public and private entities. As explained by the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (Dian), it is a «unique mechanism to identify, locate and classify the subjects of obligations administered by the Dian, as well as those who by legal provision must do so or by decision of the Dian in accordance with with the legal and regulatory norms in force».

In simple terms, there you inform the authorities about your economic activity in order to identify if you are obliged to different tax aspects.

You may have been required to carry out your «updated» RUT for some procedure. However, the director of the Dian, Luis Carlos Reyes, clarified that the validity of this «is indefinite.» He also explained for what circumstances it applies.

When should the RUT be updated?

According to the regulations, it should only be updated in the event of a modification or improvement in the data originally recorded (identification, location and/or classification constituent elements)”.

For example, if you changed your business activity or contact details, you must proceed with the update no later than one month later.

La Dian called the attention of all companies in the private and public sector: «They should not request the RUT with the updated date in box 61.»

According to the entity, in those cases what is possible is to download a copy of the RUT with the date and time of recent generation, which is located in the lower right part of the document.

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How to update the RUT?

To update the RUT, citizens can schedule appointments that are attended via email. However, this procedure can also be done virtually:

1. Enter the Dian website. If you still do not have the password to access the online services, you must enable the user account through the ‘New users’ button and fill in the requested data.

2. Log in via the ‘Registered Users’ button.

3. In the ‘Login in name’ tab, you must select the ‘In your own name’ option and there provide the identification data and the access password.

This is the space in which you can log in as a registered user of the Dian.

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4. Once you access that platform, you must locate the ‘Update RUT’ icon on the control board and enter through that button.

5. Press the ‘Continue’ button to start the update and, later, select the ‘Form Sheet’ on which the modification is required.

6. Make the adjustment or add the corresponding data.

7. Once these changes have been managed, you must locate the ‘Draft’ button in the floating bar to save the information and the system will assign the document number.

8. If you need to modify data in other sheets, you must enter the ‘Select sheet’ button again.

The RUT can be downloaded online.

9. When the modification is finished, look in the floating bar for the ‘Submit’ button. Then, the ‘Formalize’ button will be enabled.

10 Once the acknowledgment appears, you can generate the PDF of the document with the legend ‘Certified document free of charge’. This modification can be done through the cell phone or a computer.

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