Pictured: LeBron James and Canyon Dreams book cover

Netflix’s next sports drama rez ball is looking for Native American basketball players after a public call was issued online.

The movie rez ball was first announced by Netflix in August 2021, and since that initial announcement, all has been quiet.

The film is based on Michael Powell’s nonfiction sports novel Canyon Dreams and a New York Times article that preceded it. rezbol is short for «reserve ball,» the Native American version of basketball.

The project, which centers on The Chuska Warriors, is being developed by the same team behind the 2021 Adam Sandler-directed basketball movie, Hustle. LeBron James is producing with The SpringHill Company and Wise Entertainment.

Sydney Freeland is serving as writer and director, co-authored by Sterlin Harjo.

Through the casting call (seen below), it’s indicated that his availability for production will take place between March and June 2023. Various listings suggest that the film was scheduled to shoot much earlier, it’s worth point. USACastingNews noted that the shooting date was originally planned for January 2022.

Casting calls are generally held behind the scenes, except on rare occasions. The crown has been one of the biggest Netflix productions to issue casting calls, like when it was in search of a young prince harry.

In an announcement on Instagram, Midthunder Casting (directed by angelique half thunder) issued the casting call open to the public with an image and a caption that reads as follows:

“NETFLIX REZ BALL from producers LEBRON JAMES / The Springhill Company (HUSTLE) and Wise Entertainment (EAST LOS HIGH), directed by and writer Sydney Freeland and co-written by Sterlin Harjo (RESERVATION DOGS) is LOOKING FOR REAL BASKETBALL PLAYERS to play NATIVE AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL PLAYERS in TALKING ROLES!

See the brochure for more information and how to apply.

No acting experience is necessary.»

rez ball pitch call

Casting Call for Netflix’s Rez Ball

we will keep our rez ball Updated preview with any new developments related to the project in the coming months.