In the country there are various professions in which the professional, in addition to the title and diploma obtained, must certify the knowledge acquired before a specialized college to be able to work in what he specialized.

For this, it is required that professionals in branches such as engineering, architecture, medicine, law, among others, must make the payment of the professional card that
certifies that the person has adequate training to carry out work in the area.

Similarly, these professions that are accredited are classified as social risk.

In Colombia, 60 professions require union accreditation and 15 institutions are in charge of accrediting these specialties.

Some careers that require a professional card in Colombia are:

Industrial Engineer
Chemical engineer
Petroleum engineer
Electric engineering
Fisheries Engineering
transportation and highway engineer
naval Engineering
Electrical Technologist
Systems engineer
medicine and Surgery
Dietary Nutrition
Veterinary Medicine
speech therapy
Dubbing on Radio and Television
Photography and Camarography
Industrial design
Certified Public Accountant
Bachelor of Education Sciences
social worker
travel agent
Public administrator
Tour guide

The costs

Some of the entities in which you must carry out the process to obtain your professional card are:

1. The College Organization of Nursing: issues nursing-related career cards. The issuance of the Unique Identification Card has a value of five current legal minimum daily wages.

For the year 2023 it is $193,300
The shipping cost is $26,700

Issues the Professional Card for psychologists.

Full rate: $406,000 for the issuance of the Professional Card
Rate with a 10% discount of $365,400, for graduates of universities with which there is a discount and who meet the criteria:

a. Grade report by the University up to 15 days after the grade date.

b. Registration in the system and payment up to 45 days after the degree date, as long as the University has informed the degree according to the previous point.

Optional fee of $121,800 for Psychologists graduated and registered with the Ministry of Health before Law 1090 of 2006 (See Law 1090 of 2006 article No. 6)

3. The National Professional Council of Engineering and Related Professions.
Within this entity, the largest amount of Engineering in the country is enrolled. Also, technological and related professions related to these professions.

The professional registration fee for Engineers and related professions is $487,000, the registration certificate for technicians and technologists is $339,000

Four.The Professional Council of Chemical Engineering of Colombia where chemical professionals and those related to this career enroll. Full professional registration: $1,160,000 pesos.


The documentation and requirements to be able to enroll, may vary between the professions and the respective guilds. However, there are only 5 equal requirements among the guilds, these are:

Professional Title approved by the National Government.

Photocopy of your identity document: in this case the form of the copy will vary.

Some entities only ask for a simple copy. Others, enlarged to a specified percentage.

The title must be previously registered with the competent entity.

Photograph of the person: In this case, the background and size characteristics will vary.

Payment of the procedure, varied costs and in some cases it is free.

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