After the Bancos de Occidente and Bogotá announced this Friday that they will reduce their interest rates for clients with credit cards, President Gustavo Petro thanked the financial entities of Grupo Aval for having made said decision.

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Through his Twitter account, the head of state said: «The AVAL group followed the example. I know that reducing the interest rate means lowering the rate of profit when the Bank of the Republic raises the interest rate. The sacrifice of financial gains will improve the country’s economic situation and bank stability«.

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Two weeks ago President Petro asked the banks lower interest rates in order to revive the economy.

The board of directors of the Banco de la República has increased the intermediation rate of credits in order to control inflation.

(In addition: Bancos de Occidente and Bogotá, from Grupo Aval, joins the drop in interest rates)

He Banco de Bogotá reported that the interest rate reduction benefit applies to all purchases made in supermarkets, doctors, educationand public services.

The entity specified that the measure applies to Aliada, Clásica, Economy and Joven credit cards, regardless of the quota assigned.

Also, the Banco de Occidente in the last few hours also announced its annual effective rate for credit cards it will drop to 20 percent. Said benefit will be used from next week to users.

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The first bank to announce the reduction in its interest rates was Bancolombia and this was joined by Davivienda and Banco de Occidente (which is also part of the Aval group).

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Regarding the reduction of interest rates by the banks, President Petro expressed: “A good measure to lower interest rates by private banks. This will keep the financial system solid and the possibilities of stopping the economic stagnation.

Asobancaria supports call to lower interest rates

Jonathan Malagón, president of the Colombian Banking and Financial Institutions Association (Asobancaria), through his Twitter account expressed his support for President Petro’s call to lower bank interest rates for users.

“This is President Gustavo Petro. Despite the increase in liquidity and high monetary policy rates, banks reduce rates for their users and from Asobancaria we subscribe to the government goals in terms of financing to the popular economy”, said Malagón.

According to the Head of State, «these measures will serve to stimulate the national economy, taking into account that the interest rate set by the Central Bank is 46%, while inflation in February was 13.28%» .

* The company Grupo Aval is part of the business group that controls the company Casa Editorial EL TIEMPO.

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