The Disciplinary Committee of the championship has been quite severe about the statements of some protagonists of the Dimayor championships. This Thursday, he announced two very strong sanctions.

The president of Independiente Medellín, Daniel Ossa, was suspended for four months and fined more than 31 million pesos for his public complaints against the management of arbitration, after the controversial game on Sunday against Deportivo Pasto.

The coach of Boca Juniors de Cali, Alejandro Guerrero, was also sanctioned.
who had launched strong allegations on Saturday, stating that players from his team had rigged matches.

Now, the same Committee is targeting two coaches: Paulo Autuori, from Atlético Nacional, and Jorge Luis Pinto, from Deportivo Cali.

Author, in the crosshairs for his complaints about arbitration

An investigation was opened to Autuori for the statements he gave after the match against Alianza Petrolera, complaining about Liz Mair Suárez’s refereeing.

“You know me that I don’t like to talk about arbitration, but there was no way to concede goals. Harlen Castillo has done practically nothing, I am ashamed, it is my feeling, «said Autuori.

«When you lose games due to our mistakes, or that the opponent is better than us or more efficient, there is no problem, but it bothers a lot to go out with games of this nature, what makes me a little upset in football is this. . The players, the teams, are the important thing”, added the Brazilian.

Jorge Luis Pinto’s strong complaints against Dimayor

Pinto, for his part, was left under the Committee’s gaze for his statements after eliminating Jaguares from the Copa Colombia, in which he protested against the time of the game (3:45 in the afternoon). The DT of Cali launched heavy ammunition against the sports manager of Dimayor, the former soccer player Ricardo ‘Gato’ Pérez.

“Dimayor cannot do this with the teams. Those from here were like mummies, ours too. Dimayor cannot do this, Mr. ‘Gato’ Pérez, it is mistreating Deportivo Cali. We told you in Cal and you continue to disrespect us in this way,” Pinto declared at a press conference.

Jorge Luis Pinto and Johan Wallens, at the press conference after the Jaguares vs. Cali.

«You cannot put a team with this temperature of 38 degrees: we sent him the measurement, the thermometer, so that he would realize it, but he does not believe in those things,» added Pinto.

The coach also complained about the handling that the central referee, Ferney Trujillo, gave the game. It should be remembered that in these instances of the Colombia Cup there is no VAR.

“There are six changes, the game was stopped, the stretcher came in and they only increased two minutes. They are disrespecting us in this regard. When it’s in Cali, they do what they want, they stop what some referees want.» Pinto complained.

The Committee will meet again on Tuesday and it is expected that that day there will be news about Autuori and Pinto.


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