In 2019 the financial platform Nequi launched the ‘Salvavidas’ loanwhich aims to help customers who do not have a credit life, therefore, it is difficult for them to access a low amount of credit.

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This loan may range from 100,000 pesos up to 500,000 pesos with the possibility of paying them within a maximum period of 30 days.

To the surprise of Nequi’s clients, on May 17 the platform made an update with which it informed about the characteristics of the loan, since this went from having an interest of 43.7% to 28.07%.

«With these adjustments you have the possibility of having services made more to your needs, which take into account what your financial life is like and what your needs are appropriate,» according to its website.

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The ‘Lifeguard’ loan is ideal for those who do not have a livelihood at the end of the month or fortnightly, so they are forced to apply for this loan.

How to apply for the loan?

– Before making the decision to acquire the loan, the ideal is to go to the official website of Nequi to simulate the value and interest of your credit.

– Afterwards, you can enter the Nequi application.

– When you are there, you must go to the ‘Loans’ option and click where it reads’life jacket‘.

– Before requesting it, you must take into account your economic possibilities to pay the amount you wish to acquire, in order to be able to choose the amount of money you wish to request.

– Finally, the ideal is that read the conditions carefully to decide whether or not to accept the credit.

«Everything depends on how much we know you, how your behavior has been in Nequi and what is your debt capacity, that is, how much you can pay for a loan, taking into account what you earn and what you must spend each month,» he clarified. Nequi.

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