The coordinators and speakers of the National Development Plan 2022-2026 they will sit down again next week to finish building the paper for the first debate on the bill, which they hope will be the third week of March. So far, there are already more than 1,600 proposals from representatives and senators from different benches to try to change the road map of the Gustavo Petro government for the next four years.

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They range from those who want to eliminate some of the extraordinary powers that the president has with the Plan, to those who seek greater investment in their regions.

For example, senators Miguel Uribe (Democratic Center) and David Luna (Cambio Radical) want to include some for Bogota as the first and second lines of the Metro within the strategic projects.

«The national government undertakes to continue with the development of the project for the second line of the Bogotá metro in accordance with the studies presented and the financing commitments acquired between the District and the Nation,» the proposal states.

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Miguel Uribe, Senator of the Democratic Center.


Sergio Acero Yate / Time

The congressmen have already analyzed most of the articles. Among those that remain to be reviewed are those that speak of the faculties and those that touch on health. Although there are already some eliminated, these are few at the moment.

The article that says that the cadastral appraisal of all properties in the country will be adjusted during the year 2023 and the one that says that the Ministry of Education should carry out the necessary actions for the development and implementation of basic and secondary education would have been eliminated. under the hybrid model.

Meanwhile, the Department of National Planning (DNP) continues to hold public hearings in the regions to hear the concerns of the communities about the bill filed last February and this Friday it was the turn of the municipality of Bello (Antioquia).

At the event, the Director of the DNP, Jorge Iván GonzálezHe expressed to the citizens the need to target large projects that integrate the needs of the territory with a regional impact that generates great transformations and the closing of gaps.

«We have insisted on the governors, mayors and congressmen that we think about strategic projects with a regional impact and that the works are directed towards what we have called transformations and, as is the case with this project (Park of Arts and Crafts) are initiatives to which we want to give impetus ”, deactivated González.

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In total, there are nine regional forums planned for the socialization of the Plan. The first session was held in Valle del Cauca last week and the next one was held in Armenia on March 17.

“In the National Development Plan we have a commitment to regional convergence and with large projects that will not allow us to change the structures of this country. From the DNP we are willing to listen to continue advancing”, González stated.

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