Do you also see faces on objects or other everyday surfaces? This psychological phenomenon is named pareidolia and consist of recognizing significant patterns on vague and random stimuli. They are not saved from him astronomers of the POT, who already captured the smile of the sun. time they’ve seen a Bear on the surface of mars. More specifically, in a crater of Red planet have found the nice face of a plantigrade, which is also a tracing of Paddington bear. Yes, that imaginary character from the UK children’s literature and that surely you have seen at some time, not even, in the form of teddy.

More and more is known about that planet. Until a conversation between two people on the surface of Mars would sound delayed because the speed of sound is slower. Recently, it has also been discovered to have an active volcanic zone 4,000 kilometers in diameter. It is studying the surface of the planet that HiRISE cameralocated aboard the spacecraft Mars reconnaissance orbiterhas captured Paddington’s face, especially his characteristic.

«Hay a hill with a structure of V-shaped collapse (the nose), two craters (the eyes) and a pattern of circular fracture (the head)», he explains about the discovery Alfred McEwenHiRISE Principal Investigator, The most advanced camera ever sent to another planet.

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Regardless of the fact that it looks like a bear, there is a scientific theory behind the image. «The circular fracture pattern could be due to the settlement from a deposit over a buried impact crater. Maybe the nose is a volcanic vent or mud, and the deposit could be lava or mudflows? Or maybe just smile,» shuffles the expert.

Petition to be named ‘Paddington Crater’

To get rid of doubts, McEwen proposes a solution. «I guess just We’ll have to go to Mars one day and explore this crater to find out exactly why it looks like a bear», he comments. While this does not happen, the resemblance to that courteous and friendly plantigrade who arrived in the United Kingdom from «darkest Peru» already has other consequences: hay signature petitions to formally name this area of ​​Mars as ‘Paddington Crater‘. If the initiative continues, that bear with a duffle coat, an old hat and a worn suitcase, and his love for jam, will not only be the most loved by a country, but by the entire universe.