With the objective of incorporating the gender approach, the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, announced that she plans to give a pension bonus for women of up to 50 weeks of contributions for each raised child and a maximum of three children.

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“We are working on a gender compensation strategy so that there is recognition for each child raised to the people who have dedicated themselves in their lives to caring”, said the minister in the framework of International Women’s Day.

In addition, he explained that he is currently working with the Ministry of Finance and Planning to see how much this measure would cost.

It must be remembered that on March 16 the Government hopes to file both the pension and labor reforms in Congress.

Similarly, the minister called for public and private gloves to take urgent measures to address and prevent workplace and sexual harassment against women and LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace.

“Labor gaps persist in our country and 41 percent prefer to handle the situation themselves without reporting it, for fear of losing their job. Only 10 percent reveal it to the employee, boss or to the hierarchical superior. For this reason, the government of change and as a woman proposed to me as one of the goals to contribute to the prevention and care of violence experienced by women and people from the LGBTIQ + social sectors in the work environment ”, she declared.

recover the decohs

Ramírez emphasized the importance of recovering the rights of workers that were lost with the entry into force of Law 789 of 2002.

«We want the nighttime surcharges and overtime to be returned to the workers, let’s remember that the goal of that law was to generate about 600,000 jobs in a year sacrificing labor rights and only 240,000 jobs were achieved, that is, , that the objective was not met, but for more than 21 years there has been a cut in rights”, he pointed out.

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