He Ministry of Housing, City and Territory I create the subsidy change my house with the aim of helping people who face inadequate housing conditions, that is, their houses have serious deficiencies in floors, ceilings, bathrooms and kitchens, among other infrastructure deficiencies that improve the health and quality of life of homes.

According to the Government, close to 4 million households live in houses in these conditions. The new subsidy is directed to 400,000 of these homes.

The value of the aid from this Cambia Mi Casa home improvement program may be up to 22 SMMLV, depending on the type of intervention that is carried out. The Ministry of Housing indicated that this subsidy can be complementary with the contributions of the municipal and departmental order.

The Ministry of Housing explained that with Cambia Mi Casa, the Government seeks to decentralize the operation and the forms of financing, with a leading role for social and community organizations; Better territorial coverage to develop improvements both at the urban and rural level, and reach the families that need it most.

What are the requirements to receive the subsidy?

Households interested in this new subsidy must apply through the implementing entities of the improvement project, such as popular associations, community action boards, family compensation funds and small builders, among other actors.

Families will approach city halls, governorships or project management entities that will have an offer available for home improvements for the program. Households do not have to submit documentation to the Ministry of Housing.

Households must meet the following conditions:

Inhabit the house to intervene.

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Be owners or possessors of the home with at least five (5) years prior to applying for the subsidy.

A value of the home below the VIS limit, according to the cadastral appraisal.

Have a Sisbén IV score equal to or less than C18.

None of its members have benefited from a family subsidy for housing in the acquisition modalityduring the last ten (10) years, with some exceptions.

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