The labor reform will have its first debate in the House of Representatives, after several weeks of being presented by the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, after a symbolic act in which she said that she would seek to «end junk hiring» in Colombia. The original text had several changes, such as the paternity leave.

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Currently, the Substantive Labor Code, in its article 236, establishes that the father has the right to two weeks of leave.

How much would paternity leave be if the labor reform is approved?

Parents currently have a two-week leave.

However, the labor reform of the Government of Gustavo Petro plans to make it very similar to the leave time granted to mothers. Therefore, look for for parents at 12 weeks progressively.

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At first, he proposed that the increase be given gradually until 2025, but in the text for the presentation it was stated that it would be until 2026.

That is to say, if approved without modifications, the paternity leave would remain for 12 weeks and would be increased as follows: six weeks from the signing of the law, eight weeks from 2024, 10 weeks in 2025 and, finally, in 2026 the 12 weeks would apply.

In order for the license to be applied, the text of the reform indicates that it would only operate «for the daughters and sons born to the spouse or permanent partner, as well as for the adoptive father.»

The father will have to present the Civil Registry of Birth to the EPS within the following 30 days at the birth of your son or daughter. In accordance with the articles of the reform, the EPS will be in charge of the paid leave.

Flexibilities for workers who care for relatives

In the seventh commission of the House of Representatives, the filing of the paper on the labor reform was carried out at the head of congresswoman María Fernanda Carrascal.


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The presentation of the labor reform for the first debate also contemplates flexible working hours o “flexible work modalities supported by technology, focused on harmonizing the family life of the worker or worker who has care responsibilities for the elderly, minor sons and daughters, people with disabilities, with catastrophic illnesses, serious chronic illnesses and/or or terminals”.

In these cases, the worker or worker You may request from your superiors the flexible working day or the modality in which you will fulfill your duties. Of course, you will have to prove «the responsibility of care at your expense». The employee must respond within a term of ten business days.

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