In the last few hours, a draft of the labor reform was released, which is awaiting the latest revisions and the approval of the Casa de Nariño to be filed this morning in the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives to initiate the first discussions

The text includes 79 articles, of which 76 are original and three are new. One of those that remains unchanged in the presentation is number 16, which modify the night schedule. I would go from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am the next day, currently this day starts at 9:00 pm

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Likewise, it is proposed thatthe remuneration of work «on mandatory rest days or holidays» is 100 percent on the ordinary salary in proportion to the hours worked. Today this surcharge is 75 percent.

However, it was added that this remuneration will be implemented gradually: from July 2024 it will rise to 80 percent; a year later it will be 90 percent and from July 2026 it will reach 100 percent.

Another change that remained in the presentation refers to fixed-term contracts, which can be signed for up to three years, since the initial proposal was two years.

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Regarding work on digital home platforms, modifications were also made to article 23 that speaks of the link by a special contract, taking into account the observations made by Alianza In, Rappi, Didi Food and other applications.

The change says that «there is an employment contract when the workers work for them in carrying out distribution or delivery tasks, consequently they are subject to all the individual and collective guarantees, rights and benefits of the Substantive Labor Code and other regulations labor».

Likewise, several points are raised in favor of the workers, such as the power to decide the effective connection times on the platform, and the conclusion of contracts with several applications, without the exclusivity agreement being valid in favor of only one. In addition, there will be freedom to set the working day and salary, which may be per unit of time, per task, delivery or as stipulated.

It is maintained that digital address platforms must affiliate their workers to social securityin accordance with current regulations as dependents, which may be part-time.

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In the paper, the creation of the modality of agricultural wages to remunerate agricultural contracts also survived; The right to strike; the prohibition of entering into contracts with temporary service companies for the care of permanent needs and the 12 week paternity leavebut there were changes in its gradual implementation.

The new articles that were added refer to family and community work and the protection of rural and peasant women’s work.

In it Congress of the republic There is concern about the lack of time, since it was expected that the discussion of the reform would begin this week, but this will not be possible because Commission VII of the House of Representatives has not been able to advance in the debate on the health reform , which continues this Tuesday.