Due to the concern about the increase in salary costs that would mean moving the night shift from 9 p.m. to 6 p.m., finally in the paper for the first debate on the labor reform It was agreed that it is starting at 7 at night.

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In the text that will now have to be processed in Congress, it is stipulated that the day job will go between 6 in the morning and 7 in the evening and the night will start from 7 pm.

Some unions such as Fenalco had expressed concern about the increase in wage costs due to these new surcharges. A few weeks ago Jaime Alberto Cabal, leader of the merchants, said that the most affected businesses would be food, bars, lodging, entertainment, and private surveillance and security companies, which are the ones that work the most at night.

In addition to this, in the presentation of the reform it is said that the maximum duration of the ordinary working day is 8 hours a day and that the maximum working day will be 42 hours a week.

This may be distributed, by mutual agreement, between employee and worker, 5 or 6 days a week, always guaranteeing the day of rest.

In the seventh commission of the Chamber, the filing of the labor paper was carried out.


Sergio Acero. TIME

He Sunday and holiday surcharge also underwent changes. In the initial proposal of the Government, it was said that this would be 100 percent instead of the 75 percent that exists today on the ordinary salary in proportion to the hours worked.

A transition regime is now included. It would be implemented gradually as follows:

– As of July 2024, the surcharge for working on a mandatory rest day or holiday will increase to 80%.

– As of July 2025, the surcharge for working on a mandatory rest day or holiday will increase to 90%.

– As of July 2026, the surcharge for working a mandatory rest day or holiday will be fully applied under the terms of this article.

However, the text says the following: «The foregoing, without prejudice to the fact that, upon the entry into force of this law, the worker accepts the 100% surcharge.»

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