In Colombia, the reduction in working hours It is an issue that has gained great relevance in the economic context of the current Government. Through Law 2102 of 2021 will progressively decrease from 48 to 42 hours per week.

The implementation of this Law aims to «reduce the weekly working hours gradually, without reducing the salary or affecting the acquired rights and guarantees of the workers.»

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next Saturday July 15, 2023 the operation will come into force, reduce one hour of workwhereby employees will go from work 48 to 47 hours per week.

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“After 2 years have elapsed from the entry into force of the law, one hour of the weekly working day will be reduced, remaining at 47 weekly hours. After three (3) years from the entry into force of the law, another hour will be reduced from the weekly working day, staying in 46 hours per week. From fourth year after the entry into force of the law, two hours will be reduced each year until reaching 42 hours weekly» as indicated in Law 2102 of 2021.

The National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia o ANDI has stated that the relationship between the reduction of working hours and business productivity is a complex issue to address and depends on several factors, among which they argue that it would imply a increased workload on remaining employees, descended negatively performance and productivity.

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Similarly, ANDI ensures that the reduction of the working day would cause a loss of talent and specialized knowledge, reducing the ability of companies to innovate and compete in the market.

Law 2102 of 2021 plans to reduce the working day to 42 hours per week, by 2026.

What will the gradual reduction of working hours be like?

– The reduction in the working day will be carried out gradually, so that from the next 1July 5themployees will work alone 47 hours per week.

– He July 15, 2024, once again, the working day will decrease by one hour, for which the employees will work only 46 hours per week.

– is July 2025they will decrease two more hours and the working day will be made up of 44 hours per week.

– Similarly, it is expected that in July 2026, employees will have a 42-hour work week established.

Does the reduction in working hours affect the weeks contributed to the pension?


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