The league of kings is a soccer tournament created by former Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué and serpentine english Ibai Llanos.

This is a different bet from traditional soccer leagues, because they have seven different rules.

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In this participating tournament 12 teamswhich are chaired by well-known personalities in the world of football or live broadcasting.

They son: Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero, Iker Casilla, Ibaí LlanosGerard Romero, David Cánovas ‘TheGrefg’, Juan Guarnizo, Marti Miras Nadal ‘Spursito’, Mario Alonso Gallardo ‘DjMaRiiO’, Samantha Treviño Rivera ‘Rivers’, Jaume Cremades ‘Perxitaa’, Adri Contreras, XBuyer & Minibuyer.

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How much are the players paid?

marc pluvinsone of the members of this league, told him free style english ‘Fuerza’, in his podcast ‘Free Talks’, whichwho pays them is the leaguenot the team presidents.

The above, so that the presidents who have more purchasing power do not give more money to their players.

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In the talk, Pluvins added that they are paid 75 euros for each game. In addition, for reaching the semifinal they would be paid 100 euros and another 100 euros for the final.

The next day of this tournament will be on February 5.

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