Professional careers will always be conditioned by the labor market, which changes over the years. It is wrong to make a comparison between the university programs that were studied 20 years ago with respect to those of now.

Now, currently professions that are related to technology are at their best and, apparently, they are there for a long time; however, there are other productive sectors that are also in good demand in the Colombian labor market.

Professionals who carry out their careers in the health and marketing sector have great job opportunities, competing with the technology sector. But, more specifically, this would be the top five most popular professions in the country, with their respective job offers.

The ‘ranking’ is led by engineering

Human and technological advances have forced this profession to evolve rapidly, selecting only professionals with sufficient capacity for efficiency, creativity and innovation. Besides that, The salary of engineers is one of the highest in the market.

systems engineer

It is the career that best suits today’s job market, the reason: systems engineers are trained to develop technological advances within companies (applications, programs and even Artificial Intelligence). 89% of these professionals manage to find work in the country.

Look at these offers:
senior systems engineer

Systems engineer -support-

Systems engineer / IT development

systems engineering trainee

SEO Systems Analyst Engineer

industrial engineering

According to the Education Labor Observatory, this profession has an employability rate of 85%. Engineers have become key players in organizations because with them the development of industrial processes is guaranteed.

Look at these offers: Industrial engineering teacher

Industrial Engineer

junior industrial engineer

productivity analyst

Industrial engineer – sizing

Telecommunications Engineering

Being a telecommunications engineer not only guarantees a job in Colombia, but also in other countries, due to the technological developments of 4G and 5G networks. The employability of this profession is 87%.

Look at these offers: telecommunication engineer

Telecommunications Engineer with CCNA

telecommunications support engineer

TV technology intern

network operation engineer

The health sector is in the bid, for being so required

With the passing of the pandemic, health professionals were and continue to be in great demand, but the career with the most demand in this area continues to be medicine.


This profession is fundamental in Colombia and in the world. It should be noted that, with the passage of time, the demand for this career continues to grow; Besides that, it is very well paid.

And although technology has permeated the health sector, it has not succeeded in displacing those who study these careers. 94% is the employability rate of the medical career.

Look at these offers: chief of internal and hospital medicine

intensive care doctor

medical professional

general practitioner

emergency doctor

The importance of ‘marketing’ in the world

The companies and their different brands came to the conclusion that traditional advertising campaigns alone are no longer enough, with technological advances a large part of the market and commerce has moved to digital, that is where this profession comes in.

digital marketing

80% of people who study digital marketing managed to find a job. The help provided by this profession to companies in the digital world is paramount, due to its ability to retain and attract new customers.

Look at these offers: Trade Marketing Apprentice

Production Analyst and Marketing Coordinator

Content Marketing (Deep)

Social Media Community Manager

Senior Alliance Professional

is You will find thousands of job offers related and linked to these areas of work. No friend in applying.