Iberia flight IB6588 It was scheduled to depart on Sunday, May 14, 2023 from the El Dorado airport in Bogotá to Madrid (Spain).

However, it had to be canceled for technical reasons, as updated by the airline. So far this journey has not been I was able to carry out and the passengers are still waiting for a solution from the airline.

In this regard, Iberia issued a statement on the morning of this Tuesday, May 16, almost two days after the delay, in which exceptionally: «The airline tried to recover the operation of this flight as soon as possible, but the resolution of the fault required a piece that was transported from Madrid to Bogotá yesterday».

It was also reported that the respective assembly was carried out and that at first the departure of the flight was rescheduled. for Monday morning. However, Once the users were on the plane, an anomaly related to the same incident was detected again and they proceeded to disembark to continue with the maintenance work.

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The passengers were offered «accommodation and assistance in various hotels near the airport,» the statement read.

Passengers denounce ill-treatment: «There was no empathy»

The odyssey for double flight cancellation It has been registered through social networks and videos shared by affected users. «They are turning their backs on us, they are not responding. We are calling and you do not answer. They laugh,» a passenger told Iberia staff in front of the boarding gate 32 from the international terminal.

«What is not normal is that we have been stranded since yesterday,» added another man. «They shouldn’t have taken us out of the hotel. I’m not saying we’ll fly now if the failure continues, but they do inform us,» said a woman at the same location.

«It’s incredible. A disaster the organization in the airportThey laughed, they mocked. They began to postpone us for 20 minutes, when in reality everything was more than three hours,» another affected passenger told EL TIEMPO.

And he added: «There were older adults and children.. There was no empathy. The treatment of Iberia and the airport staff was bad. It seemed that they had no preparation for this eventuality. Older adults complained of the cold and discomfort, and they made us move from one place to another.»

Through Twitter, other passengers commented on what happened: «We are going to complete 32 hours waiting for a flight that will solve us. There is money, connections, events and other lost commitmentsThey still don’t comply or respond.»

Some affected customers announced that they would take legal actionsothers asked for the money back to fly with another airline.

The current situation of the Iberia flight

According to Iberia, «more than a third of the passengers have already been relocated and an alternative has been provided so that they can travel to Madrid.» But, due to the high occupancy of the flights, according to the airline, all customers have been prevented from flying to the destination.

«One more time, Iberia wants to apologize to all customers who have been affected and continues to put all its efforts so that, in the next few hours, this incident can be resolved,» the company added in the statement.

In the current registry of the El Dorado airport, flight IB6588 is scheduled for 9:45 pm this Tuesday, May 16.


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