All owners of taxed vehicles, including some classes of motorcycles, have the obligation to pay the tax on said motor vehicles.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that motorcycles must pay tax every year, and the amount to pay depends on characteristics such as model and cylinder capacity.

The total amount to be paid for the tax it varies according to the value of the commercial appraisal, which the Ministry of Transportation determines annually.

According to the magazine ‘Motor’, for 2023, a rate of 1.7 percent was set that is applied to the appraisal of motorcycles that will have 125 cubic centimetersaccording to Decree 2588 of December 23, 2022, which entered into force on January 1 of this year.

The payment of this tax isXento for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles with engines up to 125 cm3 of displacement. Although said vehicles, like all types of motorcycles, pay a tribute called traffic light rights.

You should take into account that there are other taxes for vehicles in Colombia such as Soat.

How to consult the taxes of a motorcycle?

According to the magazine mentioned above, to check the status of the vehicle tax, you can iEnter through the page of the Treasury entity in which the vehicle is registered.

In the case of vehicles in BogotaYou can check the status of the vehicle tax on the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

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A national levelOne of the most used ways to consult is through the Runt page, applying the following steps:

-Enter the official page of the Runt, select citizen consultation and vehicle consultation.

-Then you must enter the requested information, such as: origin, type of query (plate, Vin, Soat, PVO, RTM), plate number, type of document and owner’s document.

-When filling in said data, you must select ‘Consult information’ and that’s it.

Keep in mind that the dates of payment of this tax also apply to the traffic light tax.

How to check the appraisal of your vehicle?

Parachute consult the appraisal of your motorcycle you should do the following:

-Enter the Taxable Base of Appraisals Information System (SIBGA) on the official website of the Ministry of Transportation.

-Then fill in the information requested such as the type of vehicle, model, name and identification of the applicant.

-If the information of your vehicle is not found on said page, you must contact the Treasury Department of the Department where it is registered.

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When must this tax be paid?

The 2023 tax calendar gives Maximum term to pay with the 10 percent discount for early payment until June 2, 2023.

Those people who cannot make the payment on that date, have option until July 28, but without the benefit of the discount or penalties or interest. You should take into account that in this lien there is no installment payment.


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