It is common to find people who they do not feel well paid in their work environment, However, it may not only be you who feel this way, it is very likely that your colleagues have the same problem.

It is normal receive a salary increase, due to the years of seniority in the company or annually with the increase of the current legal minimum wage.

The BBC spoke with a group of experts -recruiters, managers, occupational psychologists- who indicated some tips to request a job increase and not die trying.

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The minimum wage increased by 16%, reaching $1,160,000, and the transportation aid was discarded by 20%, standing at $140,606 by 2023.

Five tips for requesting a salary increase

1. Find out about the salary conditions of similar professional profiles: It is important to carry out a similar investigation with colleagues who have the same job profile and perform in positions, inquiring into the salary they are receiving and comparing it with yours. Taking this information into account is important in order to argue for the salary increase.

2. Choose the right time to make the request: the expert in professional trends Jill Cotton indicates that it is advisable to hold a meeting with the work team, in order to obtain a conversation in which the entire work team agrees. Likewise, Cotton recommends scheduling a work meeting with the main purpose of requesting the raise, to avoid catching the supervisor off guard and causing misunderstandings.

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3. Have proof of work performance as supports: When requesting a job increase, it is essential to do so with arguments and showing balances that show the good job performance that has been had. A British hiring manager has stated: “The brain needs a ‘why’: why should I pay you that amount?” In addition, she recommends that it is important to mention “if you have aspirations to move up in the organization”.

4. Be confident in yourself and speak confidently: When asking superiors for a salary increase, it is essential to have confidence in yourself and what is being argued. In addition, it is advisable to speak confidently, in order to convey confidence and that your boss feels secure in what he argues.

5. Keep a number in mind: Experts recommend having a specific figure for the value of the increase that is requested, with the main purpose of carrying out a negotiation that benefits both parties.

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In addition, it is important to update your profession with courses, specializations, master’s degrees, among others. This in order to feed your professional profile and have new knowledge that also They could help you get a job promotion.

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