This Tuesday the Ministry of Housing announced the start of the Cambia Mi Casa program, which promises to improve the structural conditions of 400,000 homes through financial relief that goes up to 22 Current Legal Minimum Wages depending on the type of intervention performed.

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In Colombia, about 4 million households have a home and face inadequate housing conditions: Their houses have serious deficiencies in floors, roofs, bathrooms and kitchens, among other infrastructure deficiencies that affect the health and quality of life of the homes.

With this in mind, the National Government opened the Cambia Mi Casa program, with these people with homes with deficient conditions will be able to access up to 22 SMMLV to improve their homes.

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First, the System for the Identification of Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs (Sisbén IV) will be used as an instrument to verify vulnerability conditions in all modalities. LThe beneficiaries of Cambia Mi Casa must have a Sisbén score equal to or less than C18.

Other requirements in the case of the urban level demand that each aspiring household have andBetween 2 and 4 people per room to sleep, not having a sewer connection, not having a toilet or having one connected to a septic tank or without a connection; latrine; with direct discharge to water sources (low tide) or not having a connection to the aqueduct.

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In the case of rural areas, households must have more than 2 people per room to sleep, obtain water from non-conventional sources (well without a pump, cistern, jaguey or auger; rainwater; river, stream, spring or source; tank car; aguatero; or bottled or bagged water) or not having a toilet or with one connected to a septic tank or without a connection; latrine; with direct discharge to water sources (low tide).

In addition, households that want the subsidy must have pisos of earth, sand or mud, have external walls in inappropriate materials (rough wood, board or plank; cane, mat, or other vegetables; desired materials, or absence of walls) or not having a room for the exclusive use of the kitchen.

Who is the program going to run?

The schemes in which the summoned actors can participate are:

1. Community management:

Convokes popular organizations, entities, companies and other stakeholders interested in executing housing improvements, in order to assign family housing subsidies, rural or urban, after verification and certification of the executed works, and previous fulfillment of requirements of access to the subsidy.

It is sought that this scheme is executed through actors of the sector of the popular economy, these organizations being the main executors of the model. Family compensation funds, territorial entities, non-profit entities and all the actors in execution capacity by their own technical means and resources will also participate.

2. Associative for non-profit entities and territorial entities:

It will seek to develop alliances with entities that have the experience and capacity to execute housing improvement projects, in order to finance the execution of the intervention for the population targeted by the MVCT. Unlike the community management schemeIt seeks to sign association agreements where the entities, according to their nature, can co-finance with Fonvivienda resources; however, the execution will be at the head of said entity, company or organization.

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3. Public:

Through Fonvivienda and the contracting of autonomous estates Housing improvements will be contracted and executed through the allocation of family subsidies for rural or urban housing. This scheme will allow 100% subsidized interventions to be carried out, or interventions co-financed with resources from the territorial entities, according to the municipal category.

The nomination of the interested households It is in charge of the territorial entity and the executing entities of the improvement project, such as popular associations, community action boards, family compensation funds and small builders, among other actors.

In this sense, the families will approach the mayors, governors or project management entities that will have an offer available of home improvements for the Cambia Mi Casa program. Households do not have to present documentation to the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory.

Households must meet the following conditions:
• Inhabit the house to intervene.
• Be owners, possessors or occupants of the home with at least five (5) years prior to applying for the subsidy.
A value of the home below the VIS limit, according to the cadastral appraisal.
• Have a Sisbén IV score equal to or less than C18.
• None of its members have benefited from a family subsidy for housing in the acquisition modality, during the last ten (10) years, with some exceptions.

In the case of community organizationsThey may express their interest in participating in Cambia Mi Casa through the website of the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory (, where they will find general information, frequently asked questions and calls.

The organizations You must send the annexes of the call of your interest to the email depending on the scheme to which they wish to apply, they must inform their possibilities and co-financing needs.

Finally, the territorial entities interested in participating You can express your interest in participating in Cambia Mi Casa through the website of the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory (, where you will find general information, frequently asked questions and calls.

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The territorial entities must send the annexes of the call of interest to the email Depending on the scheme they wish to apply to, you will need to demonstrate compliance with the relevant requirements.

Both for community organizations and territorial entities The call begins from this May 16.

It is necessary to remember that for all the schemes the technical supervision of the projects and the certification of the existence of the improvement for the disbursement of the subsidy resources were hindered.

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