A man who won the lottery just over 20 years ago know the necessary secrets to not lose everything and avoid bankruptcyas it happens to some lucky ones who splurge everything in the first years.

In his case, he implemented some techniques when his success was born and still applies them. Although they are recommendations from a millionaire, they will think that they will work to be «happy» at any socioeconomic level.

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John Falcón, originally from Puerto Rico, won $45 million in the New York lottery in 1999. He was 44 years old at the time, so he owes the money to fulfill some of the dreams he hadn’t been able to achieve throughout his life. his life. However, it was also important for him to become happier and have a secure future, he told Sun.

The first thing he did when he collected his prize was to ask that it be deferred for 26 years. That is they did not give him the $45 million dollars in a single payment, since he did not want to risk spending them. So by 2023 you are still making a profit in that mode. He also hired financial advisers to help him manage his money.

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Although he invested in some assets, dental prostheses, theater businesses and even a movie about himself, he kept most of his fortune and invited people to do the same. He was determined not to spend his millions on parties and said the key to doing so was “learning to say no”.

Although he had a large amount of money to buy what he wanted, many times he refrained. “Everyone takes it for granted that it is an infinite amount of money, but you have to have withholding,” she assured herself.

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From his perspective, winning the lottery when he was older was a determining factor in keeping it. “I was 44 when I won the lottery, if I’d been 24 I’d be broke and working on a grill now.

That’s why I’m so happy.» According to what he said, his life changed radically and not only because she has a prominent economic future, but because he learned to manage himself. “Before there was no sun, I tell you. There was only darkness, clouds, rain, constant snow. I was just working,” she stated in 2005.

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